House Cleaning service
                                                                                                      Services Included
 We clean bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, floors, sinks, toilets and more. We can clean any of the rooms in your home, just as you wish.
Bathrooms: We clear the room of cobwebs and dust, then wipe clean countertops, basins, faucets, mirrors, tub and surrounding areas. Our housekeepers will clean the tile, the inside and outside of the shower door(s), sanitize the toilet inside and out and vacuum and mop the floor.
Bedrooms: We dust every surface that juts out, including window sills and baseboards. Then, we'll clean hanging picture frames, mirrors, furniture and items that are sitting on the furniture. There is an option to make up the bed with fresh linens as well. Our professional housekeepers will finish the bedroom with a thorough vacuuming.
Dining room: Starting with dusting the light fixture, we'll then wipe clean the table, chairs and other furniture. We'll finish by vacuuming.
Living room: We take care of all dusting/cleaning details mentioned with the addition of vacuuming furniture, including under the cushions.
Laundry room: Our professional house cleaners will wipe clean surfaces, including the washer and dryer, vacuum and/or mop floor.
Kitchen: As the hub of the home, the kitchen receives the most special treatment. We start by wiping clean all countertops and small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc.) then clean inside and outside of the microwave. Then, the stovetop, drip pans and under hood are cleaned as well as the appliances, cabinets, kitchen table and chairs. We'll finish by vacuuming and mopping.

Additional rooms and services are available with a Home Care Keeper cleaning service.

House cleaning services

                                                                                             Cleaning Cost

 The cost of your home cleaning depends on the size of your home and the type of service you choose. Contact us for a free estimate.

 The cost of a Home Care Keeper professional cleaning service depends on a number of variables including the size of your home and the type of service you choose:

~ Weekly Cleaning Service

~ Every Other Week Cleaning Service

~ Monthly Cleaning Service

~ One Time Cleaning

 To see how much a Home Care Keeper service will cost, please call 980-202-9787 and request a free estimate. An estimate takes approximately 15-20 minutes and happens at your home.

                                                                          Flexible Cleaning Options

 Weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time cleans -we will create the custom home cleaning plan that is just right for your schedule and your budget.

 Housekeeping cleaning services from Home Care Keeper are simple and flexible. No contracts. No hassle.

Weekly: Our weekly cleaning service is popular for busy homes, full of life and social commitments.

Every other week: For help with general upkeep, this twice-a-month house cleaning service fits best

Monthly: Let Home Care Keeper give your home a thorough cleaning just when you need it

One-time requests: Your guests will notice how clean your home is when you invite them over for that special occasion.

Most customers prefer regular visits from our residential housekeepers. It creates more free time while reducing the effect allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy substances have on their families. For that reason alternate-weekly or weekly cleaning service is the most popular.

In the long run, choosing weekly cleaning services are more cost-effective. You end up paying less per visit with a weekly or every other week cleaning service than with a one-time or three-times per month residential cleaning. The true value is of course the additional time your family spends together in a healthier, cleaner household.

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                                          Apartment Cleaning

  We clean homes, apartments, condos, rentals, townhomes. Basically, we clean all types of residences.

 Walking into a home that’s clean and comfortable is a wonderful feeling. Hire our Housekeepers for apartment or condo cleaning every week, alternate weekly, once a month-choose what works best for you.

 To get started, simply call 980-202-9787 and schedule a free in-home estimate

 Let us bring some added joy into your life and request service today!

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Home Cleaning Services

 Home Care Keeper makes sure your home is spotless, tidy and importantly-clean. That way, you have more time to spend doing things you love, instead of cleaning your house. Home Care Keeper Company provides house cleaning service-and we are well equipped to be your ally in the battle against mess
 Need your home clean once a week or maybe just a one time cleaning? Whatever you cleaning needs or budget, we will work with you to make sure you get exactly the kind of results you want. Whether you're interested in weekly, monthly or bi-weekly housekeeping services or extensive cleaning for a special event Home Care keeper can customize cleaning services to meet your specific needs.
 You can be guaranteed that any cleaning we do for you be done with the fullest attention to details and by trained,
 trust, local professionals who take pride in their work.

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